Sylwia Nowak-Trębacka

The date and birthplace: 28th April 1976, Łódź
Discipline: ice dancing

Sports Partners
• Sebastian Kolasiński
• Rafał Gabinowski

The most important sport achievements

• 8 times The Champion of Poland (1995-1998, 2000-2003)

• Together with Sebastian Kolasiński they are the most titled ice dancing pair in Poland. They were the most successful on the world junior championships – getting silver in 1993 in Seoul, gold and the title of a Junior Champions of the World 1994 in Colorado Springs

• Twice an Olympian (1998, 2002). On the Olympic Games in Nagano 1998 a pair Sylwia Nowak – Sebastian Kolasiński were 12th and on the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City (2002) were 13th

• A Participant of the World Championship: 1994 Chiba – 23rd, 1995 Birmingham – 14th, 1996 Edmonton – 11th, 1997 Losanne – 11th, 1998 Minneapolis – 11th, 1999 Helsinki – 9th, 2000 Nice – 9th, 2001 Vancouver – 14th, 2002 Reprimand – 11th and of the European Championship: 1995 Dortmund – 12th, 1996 Sofia – 9th, 1997 Paris – 9th, 1998 Milan – 11th, 1999 Prague – 8th, 2000 Vienna – 7th, 2001 Bratislava – 11th, 2002 Losanne – 10th, 2003 Malmö – 9th

• Other leading places in different competitions: Skate Canada 1998 – 3rd, Finland Trophy 1995 – 1st, NHK Trophy 1997 – 4th, Cup of Russia 1999 – 3rd and Trophee Lalique 2000 – 4th. Vice-champion of the international Student’s Olympic Games (2001).

Decorations and awards

– Silver Medal for Outstanding Sports Achievements (1998)
– Silver Medal for the Service for the Polish Olympic Movement (1999)
– Award of the Marshal of the Province, Piotr Całbecki for: “special achievements in the field of the training and education work and merits in disseminating sport and the physical culture amongst children and youth of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province ” (2010)

Work after finishing the sports career

2003 -2009 – MKŁ Łódź, the instructor and then the coach of the 2nd class in the figure skating
From 2009 till now:
– MKS AXEL Toruń – the coach of the 2nd class in the figure skating
– coach coordinator of the Province Cadre
– ISU Technical Specialist in the ice dancing
– ISU member of the Technical Commission in the ice dancing
– member of the Sport Council appointed by the Mayor of Toruń City
From 2011 till now:
– Primary school No. 3 in Toruń – PE teacher of the sport class – figure skating

She brought up a few generations of skaters. In her account she has a few coaching achievements which are rewarding many hard hours spent on the skating rink and outside the home. In the course of years Sylwia’s pupils won as many as a dozen or so medals in the Polish championships, the Youth Olympics and other different prestigious skating competitions at home and abroad, in all age groups. Her favourite ice dance pair Natalia Kaliszek and Maksym Spodyriev gained 7th place in the World Junior Championship, 14th and 11th place in the European Championship, and 16th place in the World Senior Championship. These are the best places gained by Poles for 18 years.