Natalia and Maksym gave away mascots to the Polish Medical Air Rescue

Torun skaters, Natalia Kaliszek and Maksym Spodyriev came today to the headquarters of the Polish Medical Air Rescue in Warsaw. And they had a very noble reason – they handed over the mascots, given to them by fans and supporters during the skating competitions. The donated toys will be now consolation for the youngest patients transported in helicopters.

A few months ago we thought about the youngest patients of  the air ambulances – says Maksym Spodyriev – Many times a yellow helicopter flies over our heads, bringing rescue to those injured in accidents or just the sick who need very quick help. We had an idea that maybe we could be able, in a way, to give these youngest patients at least some smile, warm and support. We decided to hand over the mascots, which are given to us by fans all around the world after the competitions, to the Polish Medical Air Rescue.

And they have recently accumulated quite a lot of mascots.  There are those received at the World Championships in Saitama, as well as those from the last Grand Prix competition in Moscow. Now it is the time to give them new meaning. In this way, skaters from Toruń  want to give some joy the youngest, who need it very much in the their hard moments of life.  

The current Polish figure skating champion Ekaterina Kurakova (, the younger friend of Natalia and Maks from the MKS AXEL club in Toruń, also joined the action and gave away her mascots to the children in need.

Now the toys will reach all 21 Air Ambulance  bases in the country.